Imploding President

Monday, October 10, 2005 8:00 PM

It is happening. Bush and his Administration are imploding. The implosion has actually been going on for several months in slow motion and almost unnoticed, but now it is speeding up to real time. Even the Democrats are surprised by the unanticipated acceleration. They are delighted, of course, but these jackasses are at a loss how to react and what pose to take.

After all, Bush Jr. still has 2 + years to go in office, and the Democrats have no coherent program or ideas except to gain power for its own sake. During this period are the Democrats going to beat up a mortally wounded, clueless President in the midst of a war which the Democrats voted for, without it becoming an unseemly spectacle? This scenario leaves the honest person and Uncle Sam in a quandary. Back to the fog and fraud of Clintonism in the person of Hillary in 2008? And how many U.S. soldiers will need to die in the meantime, as this charade between the two posturing political parties plays out?

In re the implosion, first please be advised that Harriet Miers, Bush's Supreme Court nominee, is not going to make it; or if she does, it will be the result of a Machiavellian gesture by the Democrats to avoid a more solid conservative nominee replacing her. The Miers nomination has been a real eye-opener to all concerned--left, right and center--as evidence of Bush's colossal bad judgment. It's a joke.

Second, "Bush's Brain" a.k.a. Karl Rove, the President's closest advisor, is going to be indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice, which machinations were undertaken as part of Rove's job to protect the President from reality, not an easy task.

Third, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Dick Cheney's chief-of-staff in the parallel Presidency, will also be indicted due to the same scurrilous campaign to discredit Ambassador Joseph Wilson, because Wilson exposed the simple truth about the Niger "yellow cake" canard as it related to Iraq's nonexistent program to produce atomic weapons.

These indictments in the offing directly stem from the Bush Administration's successful campaign to railroad Uncle Sam into a war in Iraq on false pretenses, while actually doing it on behalf of Ariel Sharon's Pax Israeliana agenda. That on-going agenda, set in motion the moment Bush and Sharon came into office at the start of 2001, requires the establishment by Tel Aviv, the sole nuclear power in the Middle East, of unassailable military domination over the Arab world and the final subjugation of the Palestinians.

This is happening, or has already been accomplished. This good deed was performed by Bush, Cheney & Rove and their "neoconservative" playmates first and foremost as a means to pander to Tel Aviv's all-important lobby in Washington so as to acquire the votes and the massive campaign contributions controlled by that lobby. Of course, the Administration can't say that. And neither will the Democrats. Blowing the cover from this well established Washington game of inside politics would be too big an eye-opener for all those not directly involved, and could lead to a backlash.