Bolton Bounced Upstairs

Monday, August 1, 2005 10:45 AM

Bolton to the UN, Wolfowitz to the World Bank, Condi Rice to the State Department, George Tenet out to lunch and unavailable, ditto #3 man at the Pentagon, Douglas Feith, Esq. The pattern in clear: the code of silence. Silent about what? Why, the full-court conspiracy to hype, inflate and fabricate a WMD threat from Iraq which did not exist, to justify the gratuitous invasion of Iraq, which invasion has now transmogrified into an unholy, undeniable quagmire--that's what.

Cheney & Bush must keep a lid on this mess, their own malfeasance, and one way to do that is to promote their co-conspirators. Characters like Wolfowitz, Rice and Bolton. Another way is to hand out commendations and awards, as was done with ex-CIA chief, George Tenet, and ex-Proconsul of Iraq, Paul Bremer. As for Douglas Feith, Esq., a true-blue Likudnik, there is no need for Cheney & Bush to worry. Success is its own reward. Feith is resigning, his mission accomplished, leaving Uncle Sam holding the bag.

Another flashlight on the "Operation Iraqi Freedom" conspiracy is an article in today's NY Times by James Risen ("Spy Notes Shelved") wherein we learn that a high-ranking CIA operative was cashiered because he kept pointing out to his bosses--the politicos, both elected and appointed--that Iraq had terminated its nuclear program years previous, as Baghdad was saying publicly at the time.

This is not something Dick Cheney wanted to hear, not to mention Likud operatives like Feith and Wolfowitz and the neocon pit bull Bolton. Meanwhile, Bush Jr. goes "over the top" in a State of the Union Address and proclaims that Iraq was buying "yellowcake" from Niger to build an atomic bomb. The assertion was absurd, and brought about the Valerie Plame/Rovegate brouhaha. All roads lead to the Oval Office.