Criminal Insanity

Sunday, December 28, 2008 6:30 AM

Aside from the WMD lie, Washington justified the invasion of Iraq in early 2003 and its overall policy by another canard--that of bringing "democracy" to the Middle East. The average, naive American could buy into these cover stories so long as (a) the Iraq war and the so-called "Global War on Terror" (GWOT) were going smoothly or at least reasonably well, and (b) so long as what was actually transpiring in various venues remained well hidden or unclear. 

Washington purported to want "democracy" in Palestine and in Lebanon as well as in Iraq. I would point out with respect to Lebanon that, with or without Washington, Hizzbulah is a legitimate political party representing a substantial numbers of Lebanese. Remember when Condoleezza Rice breathlessly spoke about "the birth pangs of a new Middle East" when Tel Aviv bombarded Beirut and blanketed a million made-in-America cluster bomblets over the Lebanese countryside in the summer of 2006? Some democracy.

When there was an election in the "Palestinian territories" in January 2006--meaning that part of Palestine conquered in the 1967 war and still occupied--the Palestinians voted for Hamas by a large majority. Why? Because Fatah had delivered neither peace nor justice despite its long negotiations with the Zionist overlords during the Oslo "peace process", which flimflam commenced in the aftermath of the first Gulf War in 1991 and lasted until the end of 2000, to be followed by other flimflams, like the Annapolis Conference of November 2007. Nothing has come of any of it.

So what did Washington--taking its cue from the gentlemen in Tel Aviv and the U.S. Israel Lobby--do in the aftermath of the Hamas election victory on the West Bank and in Gaza? The White House immediately began a campaign to destabilize and sabotage the Palestinians to punish them for not electing the authorized interlocutors assigned to them by Tel Aviv and Washington. Some democracy. Let's get real. Neither Washington nor Tel Aviv have any interest in "democracy" in Palestine, because democracy there and justice there would logically spell the termination of the Zionist nightmare called "Israel". 

Objectively speaking, the entire ethnocentric garrison state called "Israel" is occupied territory. The authorities in Tel Aviv know that of course. They are responsible for it. There is "democracy" and freedom inside "Israel" but it is reserved for those who seized the land from the Palestinians in 1948 and 1967. These uninvited guests are mostly Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe, to which were added crazed, arrogant Jewish-American "settlers" since 1967, who are intent upon colonizing yet more territory and ethnically cleansing more Palestinians, using American "foreign aid" in billions annually and U.S. tax-deductible contributions in billions annually. Furthermore, any Jew in the world can land in Palestine and have far more rights under "the right of return" than a native Palestinian whose family may have lived in Palestine for hundreds of years. More democracy. 

None of these circumstances can be addressed by Washington. The Zionists own Washington lock, stock and barrel. As an anti-Zionist Gentile, I naturally find the situation disturbing. In 1973, Senator William Fulbright, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated on CBS's Face the Nation: "Israel controls the U.S. Senate. The Senate is subservient, much too much. We should be more concerned about the U.S. interests, rather than doing the bidding of Israel. The great majority of the Senate of the U.S.--somewhere around 80%--are completely in support of Israel. Anything Israel wants, Israel gets."

The man presently in charge of "American" policy in the Middle East is the hyper-Zionist Jew, Elliott Abrams. He is careful to stay under the radar screen. He has been ensconced in the basement of the White House for years, where he has been feverishly working on the project with Dick Cheney and like-minded "neoconservative" operatives. Probably the person most responsible for the current wholesale butchery in Gaza is Elliott Abrams, followed by that self-satisfied "useful idiot", Dick Cheney, followed then by our unfortunate Secretary of State, Dr. Rice, who remains the public face of the madness which passes for U.S. foreign policy. The nominal President, G.W. Bush, is not worth discussing. 

B. Obama's incoming Vice President, Joseph Biden, who was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee like Fulbright, proudly stated in March 2007: "When I was a young Senator, I used to say, 'If I were a Jew I'd be a Zionist.' I am a Zionist. You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist." 

Judging by B. Obama's pandering, unbalanced speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee annual "Policy Conference" in June 2008 in Washington and his fawning performance in Israel the following month, Obama is taking his cue from Biden. To get elected, Obama went the final mile to prove his bona fides to the established power structure in place. He would not have been elected President otherwise.

Broadly speaking, the Gentiles in America are a blank when it comes to this issue. My guess is that 95% of them are totally ignorant, with 2% aware but suborned, and with the remaining 3% vaguely aware but terrified to do anything about it for fear of economic or social retaliation. Just a rough guess. 

When it comes to current affairs and politics, the 95% who comprise the ignoramuses--including the so-called Christian Zionists--spend their time obsessing over petty party politics (Democrat vs. Republican) and analyzing the supposedly-important Conservative vs. Liberal divide. Blowhards on talk radio make fortunes off of it. Those in the 95% bracket regard the recent U.S. Presidential election as a significant, game-changing event. What interests them is mostly irrelevant and a waste of time. In a word,  entertainment.

The suborned 2% are politicians and functionaries in Washington and elsewhere in the country. They are the opportunistic beneficiaries of the racket. They are cashing in. Then there is the silent 3%, who remain motionless, in the tall grass.

I regret to say that the Europeans are in certain respects more contemptible. Why? Because most of them are not ignorant about what is happening like most Americans. Moreover, Palestine is nearby, the back porch of Europe. But the entire political structure of Europe has been content to sit on its collective hands while consigning the scandalous Middle East dossier to Washington, even though Europe knows full well that Washington is in the pocket of Tel Aviv. The situation is a charade in which everybody plays his part, and nobody breaks the spell. All sides pretend nothing out of the ordinary is happening. 

Again, you may want to reread the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes". Most instructive. The spell of unreality and fraud was only broken when a child pointed out to the adults that the Emperor was wearing, in fact, nothing in public except his underwear, not a magnificent uniform as he proclaimed. Please take note, even after the spell had been broken and what was obvious had been acknowledged, the celebratory parade continued as before. The Emperor saw no alternative to the sorry, ridiculous spectacle but to keep going. Read the story. Its implications are priceless for America and Europe.

In the meantime, criminal insanity is the order of the day in Palestine and especially in the Gaza Strip, which dumping ground for refugees constitutes the largest open-air concentration camp the world has ever seen. All this, thanks to a determined gang of Jewish ideologues from eastern Europe and the unbridled  complicity of America and Europe.