Slow Motion Train Wreck

Friday, November 6, 2009 9:38 AM

The Obama Administration is over. Also out the window is the phenomenon known as the Age of Obama. Then again, this should be no surprise. What I wrote in Mad Dogs and Zionists at the start of 2009, prior to Obama taking office, holds up pretty well. See if it doesn’t:

Perhaps here might be a good rest-stop to address the sad case of Barack Hussein Obama. He deserves that much at least. Some months back, I began calling him Barack “Slippery” Obama, and for good reason. Many things can be said about the ongoing massacre in Gaza, but one thing is certain. The assault has put an end to the Obama Presidency before it starts. The atrocities ordered by Tel Aviv in Gaza have stripped the Obama facade away from its framework, the mask off the actor, the illusion from the reality. 

On the advice no doubt of his chief political advisor, David Axelrod, who is moving into the White House, and other worthies like Rahm Israel Emanuel and Hillary Clinton, Obama has had “no comment” in response to the fantastic war crimes now taking place in full view of the world and the American electorate. People are beginning to wonder why. What could the reason be?

Heretofore, the man has had plenty to say about the American economy and about the terrorism in Mumbai, India. But when faced with the IDF bombardment and invasion of Gaza, Obama has opted for more important matters. Like playing golf and showing off his physique at the beach in Hawaii. This is priceless. Obama is not a dreadful goof like his predecessor. Obama is aware of the true nature of the tragedy in Palestine. Yet he remains tight-lipped as the Gaza massacre unfolds. He does not utter a sound, even to call for a truce or to urge restraint by the invading hi-tech army and air force, whose equipment has largely been provided by America. Until now, he says nothing.

Why? Because Obama is a careerist. He is not a man of new ideas and brave principles. That is a front, and his passkey to success. Obama is an outstanding talker and communicator, who realizes that people will swallow just about anything. In this respect, he is similar to Bill Clinton. Obama surely understands that what matters is not the mass of gullible Americans who elected him President, but only the power structure behind the scene that controls who gets what and who prevails on the Washington skyline. 

To make a long story short, I see no better proof of the reach and existence of the “Israel Lobby” than Obama's current silence in the face of ongoing war crimes en plein jour in Gaza, which crimes will most certainly impact the United States and its citizens via negative repercussions from the Arab and Muslim worlds. 

Of course, the same could be said about all the running dogs in Ex America who have sold their souls to the enterprise of Zionism in exchange for votes and campaign contributions. At the top of the list would be our co-presidents in crime, Cheney & Bush, closely followed by most professional politicians on Capitol Hill of both parties.

In retrospect, aside from being a prisoner of the established order, while pretending to be an unattached outsider, Obama has been in too big of a hurry to do too much, most of it ill-conceived. On the domestic front, health care "reform" must be the prime example. On the foreign policy front, there is a strong element of personal grandiosity. When you add personal grandiosity to the preexisting grandiosity of the American foreign policy establishment since the days of FDR, you have a compounded problem. Anyway, it is more of the same, all of it leading downward.