William Pfaff: Hang 'em High...

Friday, April 24, 2009 10:07 AM

I've been reading William Pfaff ever since I first got off the boat train and landed in Paris in the 1970s. His columns used to appear regularly in the International Herald Tribune before it was totally bought out by the N.Y. Times. Click here for his latest article.

This is the first instance I can recall where Pfaff  is seriously advocating that someone be hanged. I never went that far in print. True, I may have suggested that Dick Cheney and his band of Neocon fifth columnists and their frontman, G.W. Bush, should be bastinadoed as punishment for their many lies, malfeasance and stupidities, not to mention their outsourcing U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East to Ariel Sharon and his American "Israel Lobby". 

In retrospect, the Iraq war, code-named “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, was a war crime and an Israeli covert operation from the start. Short and long range Israeli strategy called for the destruction of Saddam Hussein. Tel Aviv wanted Iraq destroyed as a nation-state. Tel Aviv seized upon Iraq to divert the world's attention away from the Zionist subjugation of Palestine, no matter what the adverse collateral consequences were to America. Uncle Sam was duped into doing the dirty work. The deed was done on the U.S. taxpayers' dime. Mission accomplished. A repeat performance is now underway with respect to Iran, and everybody knows it. 

The problem is, if you are going to start hanging people in Washington for crimes and treason, there will be quite a backlog. Where would you stop? Where would it end. As a combat officer in the Korean War, Pfaff is very much concerned with torture. But that issue is emblematic of larger problems. Remember, the Democrats in Congress were briefed about what was going on; they were on the same page with CEO Cheney and Bush Jr., because everybody in both parties was in bed with The Israel Lobby. No one dared ask the simple question "Why?". Why was the U.S. attacked on 9/11 2001? They did not want to go there. So much easier to torture after the fact, feign ignorance, wave the flag, and stick their collective heads in the ground.