We're Being Set Up, Again

Saturday, September 26, 2009 11:45 AM

No sooner did Team Obama crawl back, off of one diplomatic limb, than it jumped on another. This has all happened in a matter of a few days. Extraordinary. Both contortions demonstrate yet again the Israel Lobby control over U.S. foreign policy in a dramatic way. We are not talking about influence here. We are talking about operational control, or at the very least, absolute veto power. 

The first limb Obama got caught on was his demand for a "settlement freeze" of Jews on Arab/Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 1967. (Forget about the land seized and stolen from the Palestinians in 1948; that subject is taboo.) Obama and George Mitchell have been forced to bail out of the “settlement freeze”.

The wily con men,  Bibi Nut&Yahoo and the Moldavian nightclub bouncer, Avigdor Lieberman, simply ignored the Obama ultimatum and stonewalled. So much for that. Obama has no leverage when attempting to play hard ball with Tel Aviv. Or rather, to put it precisely, whatever leverage and cards he does possess, if played, would end up sinking his ridiculous, hyperactive Administration.

POTUS Barack Obama is a Potemkin Village. There have been no preconditions for the perpetual "Arab/Israeli" peace process, except that it be ongoing, because everybody in Washington wants to be able to pretend that something is happening, while the Zionists finalize their conquest of Palestine. This is nothing new, but it is something Obama has now learned up close, from personal experience. In the process, he looks like a dud.    

One can only wonder what recalculations will now be made in Amman, Riyadh and Cairo, not to mention downtown Ramallah in the wake of Obama's embarrassing impotence. It hardly matters, because Arab leaders--except for Syria--threw in the towel on Palestine ages ago. The corrupt upper crust in Cairo and Amman were simply bought off: U.S. foreign aid money at work on behalf of Tel Aviv. Iraq was destroyed by the U.S army and air force, after being softened up for years with murderous economic sanctions.

As for the plutocrats in Riyadh, they are too rich and too exposed to lift a finger. Riyadh's last gasp of leverage was exercised when King Faisal imposed an oil boycott on the world in the wake of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. King Faisal knew that the Zionists were evil to the core and held them is the same contempt as Communists. He knew the facts inside and out. Alas, Instead of standing firm, Riyadh caved. Since then, Saudi Arabia has placed its security totally in the hands of Washington. End of story.

The second limb referred to above is Iran. The Washington fixation with Iran goes back a long time, of course. Can remember when the arch manipulator Henry Kissinger utilized Iran, in the person of the Shah, to keep the Arabs in line? The Shah was "our man" in control of Iran. The CIA had placed him there on the peacock throne in the 1950s. Kissinger and Nixon loaded Iran with weaponry, just to give Iraq and Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Arabs something to think about, and to let them know who was in charge. Tehran was going to be the policeman of the Persian Gulf on behalf of Washington.

When the Shah was forced to flee Iran in a spontaneous revolution, that ended that ploy. The Carter Doctrine soon thereafter placed Washington directly in charge of the Gulf, with no middleman, stooge or surrogate such as the Shah in between. That's where we are now. Saudi Arabia can't do it on its own behalf, because Saudi Arabia can't do anything without Washington's go-ahead. Iraq can't do it either, of course, because Iraq is a basket case.

There is a short, informative article ("Cryptic Iranian Note Ignited...") in the New York Times today which, when read between the lines, speaks volumes. This is Obama's second limb. My hunch is Team Obama needed a public diversion from the first limb when it collapsed. The problem for Obama's foreign policy team was, to put it crudely, "How do we  keep Obama from looking like a hapless weenie after going mano-a-mano with Nut&Yahoo on the Jewish settlements issue?"  The answer? Divert attention, grab the headlines. The new Iranian nuclear facility, just divulged to the IAEA, was a godsend. 

Who knows what the hell the facility is? What difference does it make? The Iranians are working on a nuclear program to create nuclear energy. Fine. Let's keep an eye on it, and let the IAEA take the lead in that watchdog endeavor, assuming this is an honest endeavor, and not just a front for another task which Tel Aviv has assigned to Washington, which task would be, first, to cripple Iran with economic sanctions and, second, to bomb the hell out of it, like was done to Iraq. 

Obama flew to Pittsburgh for a world economic summit and hijacked the economy agenda to pounce on Iran. There is something a tiny bit pompous, not to say revolting, about the likes of Nik Sarkozy, Gordon Brown and Barack Obama sitting in judgement on Iran, when France, England and America possess considerable arsenals of nuclear weapons and huge nuclear energy programs--especially France in the latter category.  On top of that, remember that the impetus for this entire confrontation comes from Tel Aviv, the only nuclear power in the Middle East. Let's face it, the real reason Iran is being hunted is that its President has been demonized as a "Holocaust denier" by Tel Aviv, which circumstance places him on a par with Adolf Hitler and the Russian Czars. Opportunistic politicians like Obama, Brown and Sarkozy are positively salivating to get in on this bonanza. 

I have another hunch. The word has gone out from Tel Aviv to its agents in America that the road to peace in Palestine now runs through Tehran. No doubt you remember the former Zionist party line to the effect that the road to Jerusalem runs through Baghdad? The idea is that Tel Aviv will only be able to make "peace" with its conquered subjects, the Palestinians, when Tel Aviv's outer enemies are neutered and knocked out. Then and only then can Tel Aviv feel secure enough and develop those good feelings necessary to make meaningful concessions. Get the picture? This is a wonderful tactic on various levels. For one thing, it provides an endless serious of diversions which take up considerable amounts of time, all of which can be put to the best possible use. In brief, it is a con game.  

More importantly, it is a dangerous situation for humanity. Obama has crawled out on this limb. He seems to be contemplating that America and Europe impose economic sanctions on Iran which would rival those that Bill and Hillary Clinton, and their Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, imposed upon Iraq through Washington's front organization, the UN Security Council. This is the direction we are headed, and that is precisely what Tel Aviv wants. Have we seen this movie before? It ended in war.

Is anybody fooled? How much suffering are Americans willing to cause people in the greater Middle East so that American politicians can feel they are on the money side of the Israel Lobby? Are the American people so stupid to stand for this stunt of warmongering a second time, just because it is proposed by a new face in the White House who is not a complete imbecile? The answer is, probably yes.