Do We Really Need This?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 11:45 AM

[Taki’s Magazine]

I can vaguely recall a more innocent time when there were no security checks whatever before getting on commercial jet in the United States. You showed your ticket and walked on board. When was that? I'm not sure. Maybe in the early 1970's. I remember when National Airlines, under the innovative leadership of Bud Maytag, had an arrangement whereby his perky, up-for-anything stewardesses grilled steaks in the Boeing 727 galley between Miami and New York.  I have not been able to document this, however. Maybe I dreamed it. That’s possible. Anyway, Maytag had some interesting and suggestive ad campaigns highlighting National stewardesses and Miami hijinks. All that is history.

Times have changed. Now we are under a kind of siege when it comes to air travel. Last week a good friend sent me an article by Ann Coulter. My friend considers himself a Conservative as does Coulter. Her article complained about Muslim terrorists and the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's new pat-down policies and invasive body scans in response to Muslim terrorists. Coulter is keen for propagandizing the self-destructive “War on Terror” like every other Neocon apparatchik, but she is against TSA's new policies--which are, ironically, part of the same war. She is in the business of fighting fire with gasoline. She thinks she is clever. 

This is all so stupid. My Conservative friend regards Coulter as brilliant, and not dopey. I told him that she is too skinny and should stop exposing her bare shoulders and long arms, and cut out wearing mini skirts and using sex to sell her silly books. I was dining in a restaurant in Palm Beach not long ago and heard Coulter's distinctive squawk nearby. She’s on a date, and she’s discussing politics. “Right!” and “Right!” were the highlights of her conversation. She is having fun and it is all a game, and I can't blame her for that.  Like  Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, she is making a fortune out of grandstanding and talking nonsense. She’s a current events freak, a fan of her own voice and blond hair.

I'm so sick of slick pundits, goofs, war profiteers and ignoramuses like Coulter, Limbaugh and Hannity. If you are not Old Right, you've been misinformed. Neocon dupes and flag-wavers such as Coulter promote a mindless, knee-jerk anti-Arab policy when it comes to Israel and the Middle East. This makes them popular in certain circles, if not exactly original. Their policy, which is essentially Washington's policy, which is a mirror of Tel Aviv's policy, has gained America nothing but hatred and contempt in the greater Arab/Muslim world, leading to all sorts of negative repercussions, including terrorism and 9/11 itself

When the unforeseen (to them) consequences of our foreign policy become grotesque, such as at the airports, then the mainstream so-called Conservatives put on their "limited government" hat, and insist that Washington not bother us. Just check swarthy young men, like the 9/11 hijackers. Not the rest of us. Brilliant. But the trick was to avoid the entire problem to start with--or, having not avoided it--then at least stop exacerbating it! Such an idea never seems to occur to the talk-show blowhards or, indeed, to anyone in authority. One wonders why not, but only for a moment.

The upshot is that we are in the fast lane for full "Israelification" of U.S. airports. Then we will be safe. We've got to emulate those all-knowing, hard-nosed Israelis, who are experts at dealing with swarthy Arab terrorists, right? That is what has been suggested by a former security chief for El Al, Isaac Yeffet, who now runs a consulting business out of New Jersey. I'm sure he has some great ideas, but doesn't the average person see the big picture, and realize what has brought this insanity about? 

The Jews who relocated to Palestine from Russia, Poland and eastern Europe starting in the 1920's, under the sponsorship and mantel of the British Empire, displaced the native Arab inhabitants. Once the British Empire collapsed after the Second World War, the luckless Palestinians were left in harms way, and at the mercy of these militant, immigrant Zionist Jews from another world. This created a tremendous problem, of course, which was soon transferred to America. We are now stuck with it, because our politicians say so. Washington's politicians--the most blind, blockheaded and opportunistic in the world--need a dependable flow of campaign contributions and the good will of the Israel Lobby to advance their careers. What could be more obvious? Rein n'arrive par hasard.

Zionists like Yeffet and Netanyahu and their cheerleaders in America feel no shame in instructing us how to deal with a nightmare which they themselves created. They want us to get thoroughly comfortable with the idea of identifying ourselves with them. They have succeeded. We have drunk the Kool-Aid of international Zionism, and are punch-drunk with it. Washington has embarked on a fool’s errand in various parts of the greater Middle East. We are under siege, there and here, with nothing to show for it. 

Naturally, the Arabs did not like it when the Jews moved in and subjugated Palestine. Would you? This is the crux of the larger conflict. When the situation did not rectify itself, but instead got worse, and America and Europe did absolutely nothing to stop it, some Arabs decided to devise serious, asymmetrical difficulties for those supporting the Jewish neocolonialist enterprise. In other words, Arab terrorism came forward in response to Jewish state terrorism. Such a reaction is not new in history and should not have been surprising. It should have been expected. We are caught in the middle. 

Palestinians have little left to lose. Most have already lost their homes and villages, almost their entire country. Thousands sit in refugee camps with no prospects. We in the West, on the other hand, have a great deal to lose. And nothing to gain. At this stage in the nightmare, there is no end in sight.

--Copyright 2010 Patrick Foy--

Update: A letter from a reader of the article on Taki’s Magazine:

“I don't think I have ever read an article that is more to the point and explains exactly the situation with plane travel, Israel, American politicians, and the West in general. American politicians are indeed a bunch of self centered, greedy, crooks, and blockheads.

“I do remember when you could hop on a plane at a minutes notice and be gone. That was before the Zionist take over of the US. American politicians are but the Israelis handmaidens. Americans each day read, see, hear and believe whatever the Zionists want at that moment. What the Jews have done to Americans is stuff science fiction is made of.”