Mr. David Harris to the Box

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 8:41 AM

Click here to see an interesting television interview on French24 news. The man being interviewed in Paris is David Harris, who is the executive director of the American Jewish Committee. My question is, for whom is he speaking? On whose behalf? What is he doing in Paris? Virtually the entire interview is about the Middle East and Israel, not America. We are informed in passing that Harris is having meetings with top French officials on this issue. The question is, why? Isn't that a bit odd? No, it's routine. The photo above is from a meeting with Angela Merkel.

This is all part of the ongoing international campaign to destabilize and remove the regimes in Syria and Iran, which campaign is led by Israel, primarily using its surrogates in the U.S., from the White House and the U.S. Congress on down. The AJC is one of those innumerable front organizations, albeit one of the most important. Harris claims to be concerned about the current bloodshed in Syria and about stopping it. Why am I not convinced? Is he equally concerned about the much greater bloodshed instigated by Zionist Jews from Eastern Europe, Russia, and America against Palestinian Arabs over many decades? Of course not. He and his organization are prime enablers of it through ceaseless propaganda.

Harris' remarks on Iran are telling. It reinforces my view that this international campaign is all about imposing economic sanctions, not about a military attack on Iran. The Bomb is the boogeyman utilized to ratchet up the sanctions. The ultimate goal is to do to Iran what sanctions did to Iraq from 1991 to 2003. Decimate the country. What has Iran done to merit such harsh treatment? The regime in Tehran has had the temerity to point out the historical record of Zionism to the world at large and to suggest that Palestinian refugees have at least the same rights as Jews from outside Palestine, like Mr. Harris, to live in peace and freedom inside Palestine. That's about it. It is called equal rights, maybe even democracy.

The fact that the Iranians are developing the atom for energy and medicine is their right and incidental. But Tel Aviv certainly doesn't like it, and is delighted to use the Iranian nuclear program to beat the drums for war and promote hysteria. National leaders in Washington, Berlin, Paris and London go along with the charade for various reasons unrelated to the best interests of their respective countries. They seem very upset. It is a matter of personal self-interest to put on a big act and not tell the truth. It is odd, all right. But again, routine. This is what the world has come to.