The Next Shoe to Drop?

Monday, September 16, 2013 4:09 AM

The immediate crisis in Syria is over. The White House rush to war has been derailed thanks to the British Parliament and Vladimir Putin. Predicated upon dubious intelligence, a flawed premise and hysteria, Sleepwalker Obama and his malfeasant foreign policy team, headed by the Frankenstein monster look-alike John Kerry, were on the verge of dragging a reluctant and bemused Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, and Joint Chiefs Chairman, Martin Dempsey, into a slash-and-burn attack on Syria.  

I am inclined not to blame Hagel and Dempsey for the incompetence and mendacity of Obama, Kerry, National Security Adviser Susan "Benghazi" Rice, U.N Ambassador Samantha "R2P" Power, the Drone King, CIA director John Brennan, et al. Which of these characters deserves the most blame for the current predicament? Hard to say. The combination has proven to be toxic, or at any rate, dysfunctional. We do know that the Russian President has called the U.S. Secretary of State a liar with respect to his remarks before Congress.  

My guess is that the next shoe to drop will be when the Syrian President suggests to Vladimir Putin, the man of the hour, that Syria's chemical weapons ought to be linked to those of the regional superpower, Israel. The floating of this idea could be a deal breaker. Why? Because, as a practical matter, international law does not apply to Israel. Any attempt to apply it, will be met with hysterics, ridicule and stonewalling from Tel Aviv and Washington. Do as I say, not as I do.

Don't forget, Assad acquired his chemical WMD to counter Israel's own considerable arsenal of chemical and biological WMD, not to mention its undeclared and uninspected nuclear weapons facility at Dimona. Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu defected to the West in 1986 and told his story about Dimona to the London Sunday Times. He claims that Tel Aviv already had 200 atomic bombs in 1986 and had started to work on powerful hydrogen bombs.  

Assad said in an interview on Russian television last Wednesday, September 11th, "If we really want stability in the Middle East, all the countries in the region must honor the agreements. And the first country to do so is Israel, because it possesses nuclear, chemical and biological weapons--all types of weapons of mass destruction." 

Assad did not get his hands on chemical weapons to counter the crazed Sunni Jihadists who today are pouring into his country thanks to the coordinated covert policies of Washington, Tel Aviv and Saudi Arabia. No, Assad's WMD were meant to act as a deterrent against Israel, which is occupying part of Syria, the Golan Heights, since 1967. The Israeli parliament blithely annexed the Golan decades ago. Syria and Israel remain in a formal state of war.

In the meantime, the White House dossier of "evidence" that Assad's forces launched the August 21st gas attack remains dodgy and unpersuasive. We know that the rebels possess Sarin. Assad categorically denied any involvement in his interview with Charlie Rose. Furthermore, three journalists, held by the rebels and recently released for ransom, believe it was the rebels who launched the attack as part of a false-flag operation. See here and there.

Is it any wonder that confidence-trickster and puppet-master, Bibi Netanyahu, at the request of Barack "peace prize" Obama, unleashed his various U.S. lobbies upon Capitol Hill in an effort to facilitate a U.S. attack on Syria? Time was of the essence. An outrageous and shameful request by the President to be sure, but not at all surprising, given the history of the Tel Aviv/Washington special relationship. The tail is wagging the dog.

For anybody who still may be unaware or in denial, the lobbying episode inserted into this noisome affair reveals who holds the power in Washington. It is not our Potemkin Village POTUS or the suborned U.S. Congress. Under a bizarre, ongoing arrangement, the self-proclaimed "exceptional nation" and purported “lone surviving superpower” has allowed itself to be used as a kind of front organization for the advancement of international Zionism.

The fact that Americans have little or no understanding of what Zionism is and how it has adversely affected humanity in the Middle East, Europe and America, makes this situation most ironic, besides being unseemly.

Please be advised that the Israel Lobby has been running U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East since at least 1990. If you don't believe me, just ask President H.W. Bush, who momentarily tried to buck the trend. His son had  gotten the message by the time he reached the Oval Office, and acted accordingly. Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger were in attendance, if needed, to keep Bush Jr. on the straight and narrow, "neoconservative" path to war and mayhem in distant lands.

When one observes today the sectarian carnage in Iraq and the train wreck of Iraq as a nation-state, can anybody still buy the cover story that the American intervention during the Cheney Regency, code-named Operation Iraqi Freedom, was a war for oil or democracy? Where is the oil? Where is the democracy? Iraq had been targeted for destruction since 1990/91. Iran since even before. The scenario is simple. Phase one consists of murderous economic sanctions. Phase two is war. Phase three is chaos and ruination. Syria follows the pattern. 

This mischief-making spans four U.S. Presidents. What is the reason for this? Could it be a simple case of American domestic politics? Washington politicians understand that they will profit with campaign contributions and a good press if they go along with the madness. Likewise, foreign policy professionals who “get with the program” are rewarded with prestige and emoluments. It’s a career move. Likewise, the mainstream media.

As a result, U.S. policy has not been to tranquilize the Greater Middle East through diplomacy and good deeds. That would be in America’s best interests and would be welcomed by the indigenes on the ground. Instead, Washington has deliberately destabilized the region via perpetual covert action, sanctions and war, pitting one faction against another. Divide and rule. From Rome to Whitehall to the White House. That is the track record. That is the now not-so-hidden agenda. 

--Copyright 2013 Patrick Foy--

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