Saturday, August 30, 2014

I've finally gotten around to updating my 2014 blog entries. The highlights could be an essay by Harvard/University of Chicago historian William Polk, posted yesterday, and the thoughts of the grandson of Sir Mark Sykes (Sykes-Picot), and the 1947 appeal to America by King Abdullah I of Jordan for justice and peace in Palestine. I’m in contact with Sir Mark Sykes’ grandson. 

As previously noted,  I'm attempting to demonstrate that the current crackup in US foreign policy under Barack Obama is not the fault of his incompetence only, but is due in large measure to an inescapable pattern of Washington ill-advised machinations going back to the First World War, whose 100th anniversary we celebrate this year. 

For example, the most recent, murderous bombardment of Gaza was preordained by HMG's ministers in Whitehall in 1916/17, scheming in tandem with the White House to install the Zionists in Palestine while at the same to hasten America’s entry into the Great War.