Chas Freeman speaks about Palestine

Sunday, November 5, 2023 11:38 PM

Israel controls the U.S. Senate. 
Anything Israel wants, Israel gets.Senator William Fulbright, 1973

Dear Friends + Interlocutors, 

Here’s a breath of fresh air, to coin a phrase. Ambassador Chas Freeman interview. Offhand, I would guess this retired American diplomat is one of the top ten experts in the world on U.S. Foreign Policy. Among other things, he was Nixon’s chief interpreter during the Nixon visit to China in 1972. So you can blame him for the rise of China and for your iPhone, if you like.

Chas Freeman was nominated in 2009 to be the Director of the National Intelligence Council. Then the Israel Lobby had a cow and went into full crisis/attack mode. 

Freeman decided to withdraw, saying, “I do not believe the National Intelligence Council could function effectively while its chair was under constant attack by unscrupulous people with a passionate attachment to the views of a political faction in a foreign country.”

Under our current unscrupulous POTUS, we are witnessing the enablement of a bloodbath in Palestine, both in Gaza and on the West Bank. If today’s polling is any indication, we can look forward to another “Israel First” politician—masquerading as “America First”—taking over in 2024 to carry on the tradition.