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Monday, November 13, 2023 11:51 PM

Dear Friends + Interlocutors,

Below is the latest post by veteran foreign policy journalist Eric Margolis. I can’t improve upon it, but will make a few side comments.

There is a controversy concerning the quote Margolis attributes to Voltaire: “Show me whom you cannot criticize, and I will show you who rules you.” It certainly does sound like something Voltaire would have written. And it does describe the current reality in the U.S.A. 

I think the following certified Voltaire quote may be just as appropriate with reference to Gaza: “Truly, whoever can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

Here’s another certified Voltaire observation: “I admit the Jewish people was a pretty barbarous people. It butchered without pity all the inhabitants of an unfortunate little country to which it had no more right than it had to Paris and London.” 

I do not know offhand to which “unfortunate little country” Voltaire was referring. Is history repeating itself?

Margolis notes that “Some Israelis even talk of fleeing to Ukraine, ‘the second Israel.’” Ukraine is the general area of the Khazars. That  is where the Ashkenazi came from in the 8th Century who make up the majority of the Russian/Polish/German Jews now in Palestine, many via Brooklyn, New York. See Arthur Koestler, The Thirteenth Tribe.

Margolis refers to, “The heavily biased western media and well-paid politicians in the US…” We have become used to both. It is revolting. 

From the outlandish and embarrassing spectacle I am seeing in Washington in support of Israel’s assault on Gaza, I am beginning to wonder if this phenomenon has crashed through extreme sycophancy and now reached the level of treason




November 10, 2023 by Eric S Margolis

Paris – The great Voltaire wrote ‘show me whom you cannot criticize, and I will show you who rules you.’ 

So true. Anyone who dares criticize Israel’s Biblical punishment of Palestinians in the Gaza outdoor prison is immediately subject to a storm of calumny and threats. 

No matter that this mass punishment violates the 4th Geneva Convention and other international law, nor that it violates the US’s own arms export act, and has bred deep disgust around the globe for the United States and engendered rising anti-Semitism, terrible retribution is falling on Gaza’s Palestinians – who are now being bombed and shelled out of their homes for a second time.

The killing and abduction of 1,600 Israelis has awakened the direst fears in Israel. The rocketing of Tel Aviv airport sent shudders of fear through Israel that the Jewish state might be cut off from American military support. Meanwhile, the US Congress just proposed another $14 billion in new aide plus $4 billion more for an improved air defense system for Israel – despite the runaway US $4 trillion debt. Some Israelis even talk of fleeing to Ukraine, ‘the second Israel.’

The heavily biased western media and well-paid politicians in the US, Canada, Germany, and other members of the European Union have persisted in obscuring the real reason for the Hamas attacks. Hamas is a tiny organization of lightly armed refugees whose parents were driven from their homes in what is now Israel. Calling them ‘terrorists’ explains nothing. It’s not even a ‘war,’ as western media calls the conflict. Rather, It’s a horrifying prison riot.

Israel has so far killed over 11,000 Arab Muslims and Christians, following the unwritten Israeli rule of thumb to kill 10 Arabs for every Jewish Israeli killed. More Palestinian deaths are piling up as an enraged Israel rains 1,000 and 2,000 lb bombs and 155mm shells (all US supplied) on apartments and fleeing refugees.

Western media has not explained what sparked the bloody Hamas attack on Jewish settlements around Gaza. I have visited and interviewed some of these Jewish settlers. 

The attacks around Gaza were sparked by recent actions of Israel’s new ultra-right wing coalition government. For years, Israel’s rightist politicians and government have been promoting the expansions of legal and illegal settlements on Palestinian land, particularly around the Gaza strip. 

These fortified settlements were designed to surround and isolate Gaza and prevent the creation of a contiguous Palestinian state. The settlements and outposts were filled with militant settlers who were heavily armed and hated Palestinians. Many hailed from Brooklyn, New York. There are about 710,000 Jewish settlers now encamped on expropriated Arab land, another clear violation of the Geneva Conventions.

I interviewed numbers of them and found them extreme fanatics who made South Africa’s Boer farmers seem almost moderate by comparison. These armed vigilantes commonly launched attacks on their Arab neighbors and cut down their olive trees, which can take a century to flower. 

One of their most important leaders just suggested dropping a nuclear weapon on Gaza, such has hate clouded minds in the region.

Meanwhile, the world hides its eyes from the carnage in Gaza as two million Arabs flee the terror bombings. Israel always knows it can get away with anything as US elections draw close. As Pat Buchanan observed, ‘Capitol Hill is Israeli-occupied territory.’ From the president on down to lowly journalists, failing to support Israel is a career-ending move.

In 1956, Israel colluded with France and Britain to invade Egypt. Its plan was to overthrow nationalist president Nasser, grab the Sinai Peninsula and dominate the Suez Canal. President Dwight Eisenhower ordered Israel to halt its attack and ordered it to get the hell out of Sinai. He was the last US president free to give orders to Israel. After that, Israel’s American supporters made sure they, not the president, had the final say.

Look now at Biden, pleading with Israel’s Netanyahu to lessen the civilian death. Corridors are being set up and Israel will eventually lessen the slaughter, but it will cost Washington bigtime. The entire Muslim world is furious at the United States, wondering why the White House can’t just order its client, Israel, to pull out of Gaza.

The feeble US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, is even pleading for Gaza to be ruled by the totally corrupt, US/Israeli puppet Palestine Liberation Organization. What a bad joke. As bad as the cowardly response by the Arab states. Egypt, which blocks the southern exit from Gaza, is almost as guilty as Israel for the carnage, starvations, and lack of power in Gaza,

Egypt is a brutal dictatorship that fears the democracy-inclined Palestinians. So too the Saudis and rich Gulf states. This is what Washington calls ‘democracy.’ (See my book, ‘American Raj’).

Copyright. Eric S Margolis 2023