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Saturday, October 7, 2006 10:36 AM

I have been away on a European trip. Just returned here to "Bushland", as some of my German friends call it. I encountered a surprising number of intelligent, affluent Europeans who volunteered unequivocally that they would not visit "the States" until after Bush had left office. You have got to hand it to Bush, Jr. He is the greatest negative polarizing agent in U.S. history, aside from the terminator of the U.S. Constitution, Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln won his holy war, so he's got a good press in the aftermath. That does not change the fact that Washington's invasion and subjugation of the South put an end to the original constitutional framework of the United States of America. Whatever the USA has become now--a world power, an empire, a free-for-all, a stooge for special interests--it is the direct result of Lincoln's actions in destroying the limited Republic envisioned by the Founding Fathers. We are now adrift, in the grip of an all-powerful Executive Branch, a few steps away from outright dictatorship. The Legislative Branch is a corrupt nullity.

With respect to the present nightmare, today I came across Bill Gertz's national security column "Inside the Ring" from yesterday's  Washington Times. One item in it: a brief bombshell about how Tel Aviv is going to attack Iran "soon". This complements everything I have been saying for months, if not years: namely, that the thrust of any such attack would come from the advanced U-boats which Berlin has transferred to Tel Aviv. This unnecessary and provocative give-away was authorized first by Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and then by Angela "gaga" Merkel.

Despite Gertz’s report, it is difficult to believe that Washington and Tel Aviv would actually employ nuclear-armed missiles in such an attack. That would be crazy, but it is possible. That's just how arrogant the masterminds in Washington and Tel Aviv have become. Again, America is at this crossroad today, because Lincoln did what he did back in the middle of the 19th Century. That's the big picture.

Aside from America, guess who will be the prime beneficiary of "blowback" in the aftermath of the projected attack on Iran? Whom will Iran and the rest of the islamic world blame? The answer is Germany. It is Berlin who has provided the platforms for the attack. The U-boats. Everybody knows that Tel Aviv has nukes. Why provide the launching platforms for these weapons? It is an incendiary act.

Why not promote a just peace in Palestine instead? Is that too much to ask? Would not peace in the Middle East be in the best interests of Europe and America? Certainly it would, but professional politicians like Bush, Merkel, et al. have to worry about other, collateral factors first. Namely, their own careers. So the Palestinians must starve in Gaza, and the Lebanese get showered with cluster bombs. Sort of like Lincoln's invasion of the South, if you ask me. Only worse.

Inside the Ring
By Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough
Iran Option
A former Navy intelligence officer weighs in on how the world will stop Iran from building nuclear bombs: "I really believe the Israelis are going to strike [Iran's] several uranium processing factories soon. They cannot survive a first strike. This time, unlike when they sent eight F-16s to destroy the Iraqi reactor Osirak, I think they will use the Jericho missiles and the submarine-launched, nuclear-tipped Tomahawks to do nuclear strikes. Most of the factories are 150 meters underground and too deep for bunker busters."

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