Polaroid SX-70

Update: The New York Observer article, “Farewell, My Lovely Polaroid” of May 13th, 2008. “Polaroid’s February announcement that it would discontinue its famous film--phasing it out of distribution by sometime in 2009--has fashionistas totally freaked out.”

Update II: Der Spiegel article, “Instant Film Making a Fashionable Comeback in Berlin” of August 28th, 2009.  “...In December 2008, the world famous brand [Polaroid] was forced to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US, driven out of the market by new digital photography products. .But now lovers of the cameras, first made in 1948, can look forward to another round of happy snapping, as a group of enthusiasts is planning to start manufacturing new film compatible with the old cameras. In addition to this, they have opened the only two shops in the world that sell Polaroid cameras and products -- one in Vienna and one in Berlin.”